TapTails: Craft Cocktails on Tap.

TapTails are handcrafted cocktails served cold and fresh, on tap.

We blend our TapTails in the same way we would when we're behind the bar, using the freshest ingredients to create a perfectly balanced cocktail. Then we put it in kegs so it stays fresh. To serve, just pull the tap, it's never been easier to serve a great quality cocktail than with TapTails.

Guests are demanding a higher quality of both product and service and a lot of venues are struggling to meet those expectations. Taptails solves both these challenges through ease of use and quality of product, it's essentially a sophisticated cocktail program, on tap.

The speed in which even the most inexperienced staff member can produce top quality craft cocktails means more time focussing on guests, an increase in sales per employee and most importantly, happy guests.

Seeing really good quality cocktails served at lots of different types of venues to all different types of people, really is a testament to the cocktail revival and with TapTails, we’re adding to that, we hope, with great quality cocktails, on tap.

The TapTails System

How to combine quality, consistency and quantity is something that bartenders and bar owners have been grappling with since the beginning of time. Good quality drinks are now expected across a wider range of venues than in days past and our TapTails system solves the challenges around producing the volume of high quality cocktails that most types of venues are expected to serve. It solves challenges of consistency, because every TapTail has the same great taste, from the first to the last. And it solves challenges of quality because we spend a lot of time perfecting our drinks before we keg them.


At TapTails we love craft cocktails, and we love creating drinks that people will come back for over and over again. Our signature drinks are The TapTails Mojito, the TapTails Whiskey Sour, the TapTails Piña Colada, the TapTails Moscow Mule and the TapTails Margarita. We release seasonal drinks regularly in smaller batches which you can find on our Facebook page.

  • Products: Mojito

    Products: Mojito

    When we were agonizing over which of our drinks to launch first, we had a great idea, ‘Ask the People!’ We surveyed over 100 festival goers, night clubbers and cocktail lovers to tell us their favourite drink, or the drink they wished they could get at their local, and the overwhelming response was the classic Mojito. And we love it too.

  • Products: Whiskey Sour

    Products: Whiskey Sour

    We didn’t bother asking anyone whether they liked this or not. We love it and we knew the people would to. The challenge with this drink was; how do we re-create this fantastic classic without the egg white (Egg white just doesn’t age well unfortunately)? We spent many months in the lab experimenting with premium bourbons, fresh lemon juice, different types of sugars and other natural ingredients to try to replicate that perfect consistency, that freshness, that balance. The result is our wonderfully refreshing and smooth TapTails Whiskey Sour. Enjoy.

  • Products: Piña Colada

    Products: Piña Colada

    Our first seasonal addition? The magnificent, the regal, the so completely worthy; TapTails Pina Colada. Nothing tastes like summer quite as much as pineapple and coconut blended with rum. Not to us anyway. This was another drink that was a long time in the making. After many hours in the lab we managed to recreate that Pina Colada creaminess but without the coconut cream (which doesn’t age well unfortunately)! It’s an absolute travesty that summer is over already but this drink was so damn good we decided to keep it going year-round. Now even the coldest and darkest of winter nights can taste like summer!

  • Products: Moscow Mule

    Products: Moscow Mule

    The TapTails Moscow Mule is a wonderfully refreshing cocktail blending smooth vodka, spicy ginger beer and fresh lime juice, perfect in its simplicity. What do we love about the TapTails Moscow Mule? Of course it’s delicious, but it’s also so versatile. Summer, Winter and every day in between, the Moscow Mule is a drink that just feels right. all the time.